Christina Petrou

Architect | Founder | «Christinekalia»

There is a new kid in town, fresh to the art scene but quickly established. Meet Christina Petrou, an environmentally motivated architect and founder of the furniture brand Christinekalia, famed for her modern, raw tree-trunk designs which fly out from London, Dubai and Paris straight to the most distinctly stylish houses in the world.

Christina’s great love for fashion is evident throughout all her designs- both X Series and Pan Orama collections show an affinity with all kind of trends and ideas. Her style is out of this world, unusually beautiful and as she describes it herself “structured with a masculine twist”. It would be easy to imagine her rocking equally well an Ellery off-the-shoulder top, a Natalie Constantinidou peek-a-boo lace skirt or Off-white’s signature Brushed Line parka. She is delightedly mixing and matching, eagerly styling contrast pieces altogether, excitedly going for loud fashion statements and risky trends.

I do not have a style icon but I do admire Veronika’s Heilbrunner, Camille’s Charriere and Eleonora’s Carisi style. I also appreciate the flare of other style icons such as Giovanna Battaglia as she can pull off each and every outfit” Christina confides. Her all time-favourite tips include athleisure, flares and layering but she is always adapting all of them with discipline, having in mind her own body features and unique individuality.Her must-have items for this season are Balenciaga’s leather biker jacket and Ellery’s Hysteria crop flare jeans.

It takes a dedicated person to successfully mix architecture, art, design and fashion yet Christina seems to do this effortlessly. Her explosion of creativity, trademark style and broad smile makes everyone around wanting to become part of her crowd. Including you.